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rustic style indoor pool


Sure, We Can do That!  

You want us to make an indoor swimming pool look like a barn? Sure, we can do that! The rustic charm of an aged building is the inspiration for our newest Aquatic Center design that will be located in a rural horse farm environment.  As a result, we designed a rustic style indoor pool for our clients that operate an autistic therapy horse farm.

On a horse farm full of beautifully aged wood barns and a historic home, designing an indoor pool that looks all shiny and new would just not suit the existing surroundings.


We are contextualists.  It is always our goal to have our building designs fit in well with their community. Each neighborhood has its own unique style, driven largely by the people who live, work, and play there.

Each region of the country has different materials readily available.  There are general site factors that come into play.  Location and distance between your site and the building material. 

In addition, the availability of the materials.  The experience local builders have in working with the materials.  Availability of site access for construction. The size and scale of the building structure.

Secondly, cost and economic factors in selecting building materials include its life-cycle cost, local affordability, labor cost, and long term energy efficiency.

Thirdly, sensory factors come into play as well.  The appearance, texture, color, acoustics, roughness, and smoothness of a product all communicate different aesthetic styles.

Exterior Facade

When we are brainstorming with our clients about their initial concept designs for how a building’s exterior will look, we look to the property’s surroundings.  By responding to the existing styles of the buildings around the property, we ensure that the new building will look fresh, new and attractive. 

We don’t like buildings that look out of place in their context.  Our design process and material selections elevate the community by raising the standards of local design.

Similar to the BASF slogan; “we don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy  better.”  We’re the BASF of architecture; “We don’t design the communities you live in, we make them better.  One building at a time.”

To see how diverse our building design style is, check out our portfolio of projects by Calbert Design Group today.

 In conclusion, if you’re considering building a new indoor pool or fitness center, learn more about the real estate and property development process that Rebecca teaches her clients.  Check out her blog article, How to Develop Real Estate.