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We’re not just Architects, we’re doers.

We dream, plan, sketch, render, draft, schedule, manage, and help.

We help our clients materialize their thoughts and plans for their future.

We help turn dreams into reality one small goal at a time.


From the first conversation with a business owner to the final grand opening of their new facility, we are with our clients every step of the way on their path to getting things done.

01. Strategic

We set priorities, focus efforts, and work towards a common goal to help you make short and long term descisions based on your business goals and the resources you have available.

02. Creative

We come up with innovative ideas to solve every day problems. Blending building aesthetics, state regulations, and business operations into one cohesive building design.

03. Enthusiastic

We have a contagious passion for what we do that inspires everyone that works with us.  This positive energy fuels us to complete each project as if it’s a new and fun adventure, because it is!



years experience

thousand sq.ft.

our founder

Rebecca Calbert

Prior to founding Calbert Design Group, Rebecca designed buildings for well-known clients including AMLI Residential, Bonita Bay Group, Emory University, Georgia Board of Regents, Lincoln Property Company, Medical College of Georgia, Pulte Group, Raving Brands and more. Rebecca’s career in architecture has spanned education, mixed-use, commercial, retail, multi-family housing, and science lab building types while working at various Award-Winning Architectural firms in the Metro Atlanta area.

She now combines 30 years of design and construction experience with her passion for children’s built environments and her dedication to guiding clients through the real estate development process.

Blending functional requirements and style aesthetics to complement and support the design needs of children and their families is only the beginning. Rebecca’s approach to child-centric design juggles the many priorities of building owner/operators with building cost, construction feasibility, and child safety.


Our Team Of Professionals

Rebecca Calbert

Owner, Principal Architect

Susan Wade

Sr. Architectural Designer

Arya Kabiri

Project Architect

Tiffany Scott

Project Coordinator

an interactive map of our

Project Locations

Our office is located in Atlanta, GA but that doesn’t keep us from working with clients across the entire nation.

As contemporary architects, we have the technology to support communicating with our clients no matter where they are.

We usually kick off a project design with nothing more than a site survey, a few Google aerial views, and a Video Conference.

There are two instances where it’s important for us to see the property before we begin building design.

1) If the property has difficult topography and we are designing a building that will need to complicated hillsides.

In this instance, we’ll want to work closely with your local Civil Engineer to make sure that the sloping grades are properly addressed in the building design.

2) If the building is an existing building that will be remodeled.

In this instance, we need to perform a site visit before getting started in order to document the existing building, structure, and utility systems.


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