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Childcare & Private Schools

Calbert Design Group is an Atlanta-based architectural firm that specializes in educating and guiding business owners.

As your student enrollment grows, your need for a new school facility will grow as well.

Our experienced designers will guide you through the building construction process, removing any intimidation or concerns about whether you’re making the right decisions.

You can rely on Calbert Design Group for impartial advice and clarity about what to expect at each step in the real estate development process.

We arm you with knowledge, so you have confidence in your decisions.

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What We Can Do For You

Feasibility Studies.  We compare multiple locations by analyzing parcel size, geometry, zoning requirements, available utilities, local demographics, and project complexity. 

Building Design.  We marry your program, size, and style preferences with regional materials and local community characteristics to create a building that is unique to your location and your brand.  

Construction Management.  We manage the bidding process, attend weekly conference calls, and monthly site visits.  We track the schedule and costs to make sure you get treated fairly and open on time. 

Turn-Key Services.  We walk with you every step of the way through design and construction as your advocate.  We organize your vendors, service providers and utility connections to make the move-in process smooth. 

we help you plan it

Feasibility Studies

Site Programming

Concept Site Plan

Building Programming

Concept Building Plan


we help you design it

Building Design

Zoning Submittals

Interior Design

Construction Drawings

Permit Submittals

we help you build it

Construction Management

Bidding & Negotiating

Value Engineering

Contractor Selection

Costing Administration

we help you manage it

Turn-key Services

Utility Accounts

Specialty Vendors

Maintenance Vendor

Furniture Deliveries

Our Projects

We’ve worked in 20+ states, and designed 200+ concept plans.  So you know we’ve been around the block a few times.

Who We Are

With the support of two national childcare brands as repeat clients, we started this company in 2013. Learning early education design from the best of the best has positioned us as a leading expert in the building design industry.

Our Publications

We write for ourselves. We write for others.  But most importantly, we write to educate and inspire our clients and the public.

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Frequently Asked

Questions & Answers

Where's the best location for my building?

Your location can make or break you.  Everyone says to weigh the pros and cons, but exactly what are the pros and cons that you should be comparing?  We’ve got your back.  Download our Property Comparison Chart and you’ll be on your way to picking the best location for you and your business needs.

Property Comparison Checklist

How long will my project take?

There are so many variables that go into how long a project takes that no one can guarantee an exact time frame.  However, we have compiled years of zoning, design, and construction timeline data.  We can give you a general picture of how long you should expect it to take.  The data will illustrate average timelines as well as an honest look at best and worst-case scenarios.  An added bonus; our Project Timeline also doubles as a task list.

Example Project Timeline & Costs

How much will my project cost?

Finding out costing information takes a heavy amount of research.  First, look up the historical cost averages of your building type.  Then add or subtract cost if you intend to have an “economy” or “luxury” style.  And finally, adjust according to regional and local construction cost variables.  Or, you can keep it simple and let us crunch the numbers for you.  We’ve consolidated 4 years and 62 projects worth of data onto a single sheet.

Childcare Construction Costs

What's my role in the process?

As the Owner of your business, you are irreplaceable.  Even when you hire experienced Architects and Engineers, certain decisions and tasks will continue to fall on your shoulders.  But how do you know what you need to do versus what you can expect others to do for you?  We’ve created a outline of the design and construction process from the Owner’s point of view.  This to-do list outlines the items that the Owner needs to complete, provide, coordinate, and purchase.

Owner's Task List

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because you’ve never done this before, we understand. 


One alternative is to hire a real estate development manager to walk you through the process, but that’s a 5-digit expense that most business owners can’t justify.  A second choice, thanks to Google, is to fumble through the process and try to wing it as you go, but that will cost you time and money because you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late.


The best choice is to enroll in our step-by-step property development program. Our program guides you through the process for a fraction of the cost.  This online course and peer support group will help you make decisions with confidence, save money during construction, and get open for business more quickly.

Step by Step Instructions

learn the real estate development process.

Our Education Platform

Real Estate: Deciding Faster

Find the right location. Learn how to compare multiple properties, what to look for, what to avoid, and go into the purchase or lease with confidence.

Building Design: Smarter Choices

Keep building costs down. Learn the domino effect each design choice has, how to design for today as well as tomorrow, limit future maintenance and maximize property value.

Construction: Insider Secrets

Open for business on time. Learn what to expect during construction, how to avoid being taken advantage, and keep costs within reason.


Building design & construction don’t have to be so complicated.

We simplify the process & guide our clients to a successful finish.

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