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choosing the right property for your commercial building


Location, Location, Location!  

You’ve heard it a thousand times. Location, location, location can help determine whether your business is successful or just breaks even. Finding a commercial property you want and can afford is a definite factor in determining what your business future will look like. That’s why it great to know some tips on how to choose the right commercial property for your small business.

You already know it’s better to have a commercial building sitting in an ample space if you can get it at a reasonable cost. You’re also aware that if you have a business in the wrong location, it can negatively impact your business growth and development. The best location equation possible is having a commercial building in a prime location that you can afford.

You not only have to choose a commercial business space that fits in your budget, but you have to choose the best location possible for your business to have real growth opportunities. Read on to discover important factors to consider when designing your commercial building to help that happen. What’s more, you can find out how choosing the right property for your commercial building can bring you business development you never thought possible. 

We’re not just commercial building architects, we own and rent commercial properties too.


Commercial Building

Every good commercial building location and design starts with a building and a property site. It’s at this stage most people start drafting out ideas or write down how they want in the commercial business location that’s being planned out. If you’ve purchased an undeveloped property, you already know you want to design a commercial business that meets the need of your customers and employees.

You want your new commercial building to enhance your business productivity but also fit your budget. Because location plays such an influential role in the success of your business, you want to know the criteria factors you need to consider when designing your building. Several factors directly impact your business’s short and long-term plans when you’re dealing with commercial building design and locations.

When you’re in this stage, you’ll explore several factors and criteria to determine best the current state of the commercial real estate market where you are located. You also will be going over the construction and rental market opportunities and costs. At this stage, you usually go over the short-term and long-term development plans for your business so your property and building can integrate that into your building criteria. 


Prime Location When Building a Commercial Building

Because commercial real estate requires a lot of research and planning, it’s essential when you’re seeking the ideal commercial property that you look for several prime location factors. These factors include but aren’t limited to:

  • The health of the local job market in the area
  • The economic soundness surrounding the prime location
  • Current or future infrastructure initiatives near the prime commercial property location
  • If your prime location is in the city, what are the surrounding area’s migration pattern
  • What is the zoning rules and regulations at the prime location

Guideline factors help to ascertain prime location suitability for your business needs. You also want to determine the best location for building, and you can do this by weighing the location’s pros and cons. But what are the pros and cons you should be comparing?

There is a Property Comparison Chart that’s available to you today. You can download this Property Comparison Chart to help you pick the best location for your business needs by using the detailed information on this property comparison chart.


Top Architect Firm

If you’ve reviewed the Property Comparison Chart, you know having a top architect firm to help create the commercial building you want is a mandatory component of your company’s future path. A top architect firm will help you create a schematic design that some people call infographics and some call bubble diagrams. Any functional matrix chart is an infographic that helps quantify what clients want and need in their commercial building.

It’s always a brilliant place to begin when creating your commercial building with a design professional at a top architect firm. Your design development usually begins after you finish your last infographic or functional matrix chart. Your design development needs to help determine the practical with the usable in your commercial property

As your plan starts to take place, you’ll be in almost constant communication; you’re your designer and architect. Good architecture firms know that the client is the most integral and essential part of the team. That’s where a lot of designers make their most significant mistakes.

One of the factors you use must be getting clients excited about the tangible plan you’re creating with them. 


Commercial Building Designer

Commercial designers sometimes say there is an art to construction documents. Because if you can’t read it, you can’t follow it. If you can’t follow it, you can’t build it. 

Therefore you must ensure your construction documents are organized and well-coordinated for your engineer. Any permit questions come in here as well, so you must be able to locate what’s needed as soon as possible quickly. Since construction documents are time-intensive, you have to explain that to clients from the get-go. 

Clients are focused the most on one thing happening during this phase, and that’s their commercial building being constructed. They want their commercial building to be under construction while meeting all that was agreed upon with its design. If you take the time to document your work in an organized fashion, you’re saving a lot of time and effort on the back-end of the project. 


Georgia Commercial Architect

We’re a commercial architecture firm in Georgia that plans and designs premiere prime location commercial buildings. No matter how much money a client has, our architecture firm will help them achieve their best building location goals.

Most real estate development investors look at the property from a 30,000 feet perspective.

Yet the real heart of the commercial business is found through the business owners who are building their commercial building on the best prime location for them. In Georgia, business owners typically want to work with an architect that will help them build a commercial property that will last the life of their business.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to need help from their architect and want to discuss the road map they have in their head. A road map that leads to a newly built facility for their business. That’s when finding the right Georgia architect can make a difference in achieving commercial business goals or putting them on hold in a regular pattern that leads nowhere.


Commercial Building Design

The design of your commercial building needs to integrate the location it’s sitting on. You need to know your budget, so you don’t pick a location that’s overpriced or too small or big for what you need. First impressions always matter, so your location has to represent who you are and what your commercial business represents.

The impact of the local crime rate can be of prime importance. If you’re going to be sitting next door to a direct competitor, you may not want to consider that area as feasible for your business growth and development. Find out if your location allows for the space you plan on building.

Sometimes the smallest building issue can turn into a big deal with the city’s planning commission. Make sure your business fits into the neighborhood it’s going into, and you have a plan formulating already on how to optimize your business location with customers.


Commercial Building Factors to Consider

Every commercial building has factors you need to consider that will help you determine if you want to move forward with new construction or renovation. You can put together a list of commercial building factors you want to consider when you’re looking at prime locations for building or remodeling. Some commercial companies that want to build a new building will come up with various factors that help them determine what will or won’t work with different properties.

Some of these factors include things like how important a reception area is if their building has a small one. They might rate how vital is the usability factor of their building’s parking lot for customers. Frequently, how many bathrooms or office space dimensions weigh heavily while the dimensions of the copy room weigh very little on their scale.

No matter what scale they come up with or how they weigh each factor, it’s vital that their architect integrate their criteria in the design and functional appeal of the commercial building and location.


Your Next Step

When you’re ready to develop your business into all it can be by finding the prime location it needs for a commercial building reach out to Calbert Design Group. Commercial building development has a process that is deeply enmeshed in learning how to take your commercial building design and development one step at a time. Your goals and objectives need to be as integrated as they can be in the bold and innovative design you want. 

Calbert Design Group knows that the application of that knowledge helps builds your business into all you want it to be. We will be there with you to create the commercial building that will meet your business goals. 

-This article written by Rebecca Calbert with Calbert Design Group.  We make a point of educating our clients and protecting them from what they don’t know.