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How Do I Develop My Own Property?  

 When I think about all the books on real estate and property development, I realize that many of you are still looking for approaches that are grounded in practical steps and chronological tasks – methods that truly work.  

As a practicing architect who runs a busy firm and an educator in the fields of real estate and property development, I have been privileged to be at the forefront of real estate and property development. Not just by offering advice to my clients, but also by walking them one by one, step by step, through the process.

As a consequence, I have witnessed some remarkable financial success and massive improvements in the quality of life of the individuals I have helped. Over the last several years, I’ve been lucky to work with a host of people who overcame uncertainty and frustration. Individuals that were considered either too broke or too inexperienced to be successful. Thanks to the contemporary model of education, these owner developers became successful and now own the building(s) that their business(es) occupy.

Many readers of my website blogs voiced the same honest and heartfelt request. Such as this person who wrote, “I really liked your blog article; I read it twice. It was very thorough and inspiring, but can you tell me how to do it?  

How do I develop my own property?”

In response, I began teaching various clients on the practical steps anyone can complete to develop a piece of real estate. Consequently, I have seen people reach building and construction goals that they initially thought were unobtainable, which led to wealth and new opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities

This is a time in history when not only do we want to “know”, but we want to “know- how”. How do we apply the general knowledge of the basic steps involved in real estate development to succeed in the completion of our building construction and living a more fulfilled life?

When you and I can connect the dots of the real estate development process together, and when you invest the time needed to walk these steps one by one, then you will become both business owner and property developer.

So, I invite you to enroll in our Save on Building courses.

Times are changing. 

Our current systems and models of education are breaking down, and it is time for something new to emerge. Let go of the old-fashioned and embrace a new education system—one where you don’t have to major in a single skill for life. Embrace the concept of education on demand. Where specific knowledge is made available for everyone during each step of their unique life’s journey.

I know that leaving the familiar system of paying someone else to do it for you takes effort and is uncomfortable. There is no “easy button” for real estate development. No one can replace you and the many choices and decisions you have ahead of you. Even spending forty, fifty, sixty thousand dollars on a real estate development manager will not remove the effort you’ll be required to put into a project such as this. 

No one can make your choices for you. No amount of money will allow you to twinkle your nose and have your property selected, building designed, and construction completed. If spending more money for a completely done-for-you building is what you are looking for, abracadabra-style, then your best bet is to buy an existing business that is already running successfully in your community. 

The courses that I’ve developed are divided into the three main phases of real estate and property development; real estate acquisition, building design, and construction.

Course 1: Real Estate Secrets: Find Your Right Location Faster.

This course will speed up your decision making process and walks you through everything from business planning to zoning requirements.  

Learning modules include how to help you find the right location, how to compare multiple properties, who to hire and when, and how to go into the purchase or lease agreement with confidence.


Course 2: Building Design Secrets: Keep Construction Costs Down.
This course walks you through how to make smarter choices.  Everything from building design to analyzing contractor (GC) bids.  

Learning modules include how to help you keep building costs down, what kind of domino effect each design choice has, how to design for today as well as tomorrow, how to limit future maintenance hassles and maximize your property value, and when to use which construction contract that’s right for your unique situation.


Course 3: Construction Secrets: Open for Business On Time.
This course walks you through everything from the construction kick-off meeting to your contractor handing off the building keys.
Learning modules include tips for how to manage the construction schedule, how to open for business on time, what to expect during construction, and how to avoid being taken advantage of.


Course 4: Start-Up Secrets: Thriving on Day One
This course walks you through everything from move-in tips to a owning and maintaining a thriving business.
Learning modules Include how to manage the move in process, when to start marketing your business, how to maintain your building, and when is the right time to expand.

We are all familiar with the temporary discomfort of not knowing. We stumbled through our early efforts to learn how to drive a car until the skill became second nature. First, we learned the rules of the road, and then we practiced behind the wheel. And when we first went out alone, the ride was unnerving and stressful.  

In much the same way, learning how to develop real estate involves acquiring the knowledge and then the application of that knowledge. Fill yourself with the knowledge of the process and then take it one step at a time.  

I’ll be here for you, as a guide, answering questions during weekly group conference calls. And business owners going through the same process will be here for you too, in the private Facebook group to support you and each other along the way.

For more information, contact Rebecca Calbert with Calbert Design Group, and we make a point of educating our clients and protecting them from what they don’t know.