Permitting & bidding

let the games begin!

Did you ever play “Mother May I?” as a child.  The premise of the game is to only do what the person playing the “Mother” allows.  Very much like “Simon Says”.  Well, Permitting is like playing “Mother May I?” with your local code officials.  There’s rules to the game, a.k.a. Zoning Ordinances and Building Codes.  But the final determination regarding whether you can build what you planned is up to your local Zoning and Building officials.

Bidding, on the other hand, is more like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.  All of the general contractors bidding your job are all trying to find the perfect sweet spot.  Low enough of a bid to get the job, high enough of a bid to make a profit.

construction administration

until construction begins, the project is just an idea on paper

Construction phase IS the project, and if as Architects we do not engage in that phase, we essentially leave the question in the client’s mind, “What good is an architect?” We essentially leave the Contractor in the position of the “leader of the project” and the “creator of value” in the client’s mind.  In regards to additional costs brought on during construction, we offer advice, but it is the decision of the client to spend any additional money. 

The Architect is responsible to decide whether the performance of products used in construction are as designed and specified. We attend weekly meetings, monthly site visits, review shop drawings and material alternates, respond to RFI’s, clarify specifications, prepare proposals, review change orders scope of work and track schedule and cost changes.



We provide value by providing project leadership, not merely design services.  There’s a lot of added value gained by selecting architects that manage the entire process from start to finish.  There’s actually more time spent planning the project than there is documenting it.  Think about it, planning begins in the beginning, with the business plan, the loan, and property acquisition.  Property acquisition is where we ideally step in and get involved in our projects.  Saving a client from a large purchase without the proper due diligence steps is one of our favorite things to do.

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