Living Faith Church
Woodstock, GA


Our design and masterplan of Living Faith Church in Woodstock, GA, is based on the European village concept of buildings clustered together to create a courtyard.
Architecturally, courtyards add a design element that creates connectivity between interior and exterior space. The open-air oasis, a rarity in both dense cities and spacious suburbs, provides a multifunctional extension of living space ideal for gathering together, entertaining, and gardening. Unlike an open yard, courtyards created within the boundaries of surrounding buildings provide a tranquil private space for the church community to gather and celebrate together.
Designing a courtyard is in line with our philosophy of providing solid connectivity with nature while responding to client needs and their vision of beautiful, functional spaces. Courtyards can be the heart of a building where natural light and warmth permeate throughout the space.
Living in a hyperconnected environment has been scientifically proven to induce stress, feelings of loneliness, and people yearn to have more connectivity to the world we live in. The same goes for religious buildings as well. A courtyard creates connectivity and promotes interaction between community members.
Natural environments and having access to outdoor space can have a positive impact on physical and mental health, and the benefits of connecting with nature can improve well being. We have to be in contact with our surroundings to acquire an intimate knowledge about them and to protect them. Time spent outdoors has shown to reduce stress levels, strengthen our immune systems, and promote a sense of calmness.
Unlike an open side yard between your church and the parking lot, an enclosed courtyard becomes another room in your church offering a private respite space. Being open to the sky, there are no height limits, and it can be layered with a baptismal pool, outdoor seating, trellises, gardens, children’s playgrounds, or whatever you please.
Letting kids play outdoors is less intimidating and can provide a greater sense of security with a courtyard. They get fresh air, and you get peace of mind. Likewise, adults wanting to unwind in a private setting without missing out on a lovely summer night can get ahold of both.

Below is a fly-over video showing the master-plan and building design from every angle.


Client: Living Faith Community Church


Total Area: 51,785 sq. ft.


Phase 1 – Sanctuary, Classrooms, Offices, Lobby
Lower Level: 24,475 sq. ft.
Upper Level: 17,800 sq. ft.


Phase 2 – Children’s Ministry Wing
Lower Level: 4,755 sq. ft.
Upper Level: 4,755 sq. ft.


Vaulted Sanctuary with Balcony
Youth Chapel
Vaulted Lobby
Adult Classrooms
Secured Children’s Wing
Music Rehearsal Room
Coffee Bar
Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Courtyard
Outdoor Playground
Administrative Offices
Commercial Kitchen


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