Tackle That Waitlist

Tackle That Waitlist

You’ve been open for business for a few years now, and are really on a roll. Now your waitlist is growing and it’s a shame you have to turn customers away.
If that’s the case, now might be the just the perfect time for you to add on to your existing center.
We’ve been working closely with childcare owners for the past seven years and we see a strong trend concerning successful childcare owners. And that is smart growth.
Sure, if you have enough demand and enough cash flow, you can purchase more property and build a neighboring sister school.
But what we see just as often are childcare owners who are adding on to what they already own.
Adding on is a compromise between turning away a long waitlist and building a brand new building.
We’re sharing three of our childcare addition designs to give you inspirational ideas on what could be possible at your own school.
When we meet with childcare owners who are ready to grow their existing schools, they aren’t really sure where to start.
And for good reason.
Adding on to an existing building is a more complex design project than building a new building. Your architect needs to consider childcare regulations, curb appeal, roof complexity, utility connections, and building and zoning code regulations.
We haven’t found a school yet that can’t be added on to, so if you’re busting at the seams, don’t suffer in silence. Reach out for help, that’s what we’re here for.


Childcare Addition in Indianapolis, IN

Childcare Addition in Atlanta, GA

Childcare Addition in Dallas, TX


To see how we can help you grow your school, get in touch with Calbert Design Group today.

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