Celebrate Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year



Article by Katie McCulloch, Associate Architect





Greenery, Pantone’s color of 2017, gives us an opportunity to explore and redefine the balance between natural elements and modern design. The color naturally evokes a feeling of harmony and rest, both of which play a key role in our everyday health and happiness.

To create a look that is both functional and inviting, pair ‘Greenery’ with darker shades within the same color family and accent with a deep indigo. This color combination creates a luxurious feel that is both relaxing and timeless. Create balance by incorporating natural elements such as succulents, aloe and philodendron. Tie it all together with soft gold accent pieces and soft lighting to add elevated luxury while allowing ‘Greenery’ to remain the focal point on the palette. This bold, yet harmonious hue has the flexibility to craft your design board every season this 2017!